LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Nov 8th, 2023
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November 8, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Nov. 8, 2023. I know it’s unusual, but this week I want to draw readers’ attention to our highlighted partner content. As Lighting Group editorial director Wanda Lau moves on to independent consulting, we welcome Architectural SSL editor-in-chief Linda Becker to the team. I am already impressed with Linda’s insightful questions, her ability to distill editorial discussion into actionable takeaways, and her enthusiasm for approaching a new industry bolstered by years of B2B media experience.

Recognizing that readers may not be aware of how closely we work across our two brands behind the scenes, I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight Linda and invite lighting design firm, specifier, lighting manufacturer, and business representatives to reach out to her with introductions, editorial proposals, and questions about the brand focus. In addition to editorial content responsibilities, Linda will be working closely with the LightSPEC West event operations team and on the brand’s Product Innovation Awards (PIAs) program, which announced honorees this week.

We continue to assess and refine the opportunities for distinct coverage between our brands as well as collaboration where appropriate. You might think of it this way: LEDs will carry on providing perspective on the range of technology, markets, applications, and developers of LED products and controls systems that position the light sources for optimal implementation, while Architectural SSL will continue its expansion of coverage on design practice, projects, business topics, and products that target architectural lighting professionals specifically.

As always, I welcome our contacts to reach out with any questions or suggestions.

Carrie Meadows, [email protected]

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