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November 1, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Nov. 1, 2023. Halloween night is over and there was a small chance of a snow flurry forecasted for our area earlier today. While the snow didn’t materialize, it makes me think about those who find themselves in areas or communities with unreliable power infrastructure. They need all the access to incentives and administrative support resources for energy projects that they can get. It gratifies me to hear today from speakers during the U.S. Department of Energy’s Justice week program outlining the incredible public response in diverse communities ranging from the Hawaiian island of Molokai to tribal communities to the Gulf Coast city of New Orleans, which are highly impacted by climate events and natural disasters. Not only is the U.S. government expanding opportunities to navigate and receive funding, but highly localized groups are bringing better and cleaner infrastructure to their neighborhoods and encouraging their residents to be a part of those efforts. Energy, lighting, and controls technology should be accessible to all in order to bolster community resiliency. Stay tuned for more on this Energy Justice day portion of the week’s program.

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Could affect U.S. sites. The company’s continuing cost-cutting measures are slowly helping, but quarterly sales and income fall again.
Third quarter sales held on, net profit edged up, and operating margins grew stronger, as did IoT groundwork. But the company pauses its horticulture business.
DOE L-Prize organizers recognized three luminaire prototypes and three connected systems prototypes for their potential to increase usability, interoperability, sustainability, and accessibility of commercial lighting technologies.
After a name change from Circular Place to Reuse Hub, Recolight launches online marketplace to match buyers, sellers, users, and reconditioners.
Power-integration expert Talal Abdelghany of ERP Power helps fixture designers determine proper remote LED driver wiring distance.
Lighting designer Alana Shepherd receives publishing industry award for DEI essay.
With extensive experience in lighting specification, research, manufacturing, and consulting, Carol Jones will merge innovation and education messaging on the benefits of DALI in the building ecosystem for increase market transformation potential.
With retirements of David Nislick and Jim Rao, respectively, Ron Keating and Ben Stas will lead the photonics solutions provider into new growth phase.
Abelardo Martinez and Pablo Villareal will support Monterrey, Mexico plant sales and product management staff - in lighting sectors and beyond.
The partnership will see the development of outdoor lighting solutions that meet new regulations.
When designers have a specific or unique challenge on hand, they can seek help from lighting agencies with expertise in product sourcing.