LEDS Product Showcase - Oct 24th, 2023
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October 24, 2023

3528 E3 series brings leading reliability and combines it with leading efficacy to meet our customers’ highest performance demands. Achieving close to a typical 220 LPW (80 CRI) with enhancements to battle thermal shock and sulfurization, the 3528 E3 is the perfect fit for high bays, troffers and even some industrial applications. The E3 is complemented by other 3528 options in the same family.


A Family of High Power LED Drivers with exceptional performance (Programmable, >90% Efficiency, up to 10 Years Warranty,IP67,10kV Surge Protection). With advanced technology, it ensures precise and efficient power delivery for high-power LED systems. Features include dimming capabilities,wide voltage input range and robust protection mechanisms,making it perfect for various lighting applications.