LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Oct 4th, 2023
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October 4, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Oct. 4, 2023. Circadian studies continue to develop the knowledge base for the application of tunable spectra to human health and wellbeing this time with the aim to ease the transition of newborns from womb to external world. Circadian lighting specialist Chromaviso has supplied Uppsala University Hospital in Sweden with zoned luminaires that can be dimmed and tuned to support neonatal care with respect to babies’ light sensitivity and sleep cycles. We expect more to come in terms of study results from this installation.

Also in this issue, horticultural lighting developers Sollum Technologies and Fluence report on new business in the produce and cannabis growing sectors, respectively, demonstrating that LED adoption in the sector hasn’t gone into full drought.

Finally, I want to note upcoming professional development resources provided by the not-for-profit group Women in Lighting + Design (WILD). WILD’s Lamplighter Coalition has three online seminars planned through October and November on how to prevent and manage workplace sexual harassment. Social justice issues cross over from personal to professional life, so I too have asked myself, “What can I do if this happens to me or around me?” It’s important for all professionals to feel capable, respected, and supported in their workplaces as well as on the job outside of the office regardless of gender identity. I urge anyone who is interested in practical guidance and training to register and attend one of these online webinars.

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