LEDs Focus On - Sep 28th, 2023
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September 28, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting newsletter for Sept. 28, 2023. One exciting area of development in the lighting industry is the adoption of new sustainability initiatives amongst manufacturers, specifiers, and designers, from materials transparency to circular product development, design for disassembly, carbon reduction through more localized sourcing, and many other factors. In 2024, I’d like to highlight at least three small- to medium-sized firms focusing on such measures in our “Profiles in Lighting” department. If your firm employs fewer than 250 people and is either manufacturing products or designing projects with several of these criteria in mind, please reach out to me with a short summary of your firm’s mission, brief description of number of products on the market or projects completed, and number of employees. If selected, we will send you a questionnaire for future development into a Profile piece.

A longtime product developer and lighting designer, Brad Koerner is featured in our latest Profile. As an independent consultant and corporate developer, he has helped to launch products that both enchant and employ sustainable design principles.

In this edition, we also feature school and sports lighting projects, more industrial marine lighting wins for Glamox, and how business is progressing between Signify and Klite.

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In addition to product development, KOERNER DESIGN consultant Brad Koerner seeks inspiration at the intersection of architectural lighting and digital displays for immersive and interactive experiences.
Lighting design priorities remain the same despite how schools and learning have evolved, as seen in this case study of Powel SLAMS, designed by Rogers Partners with lighting designer The Lighting Practice.
Zumtobel Group partnered with Collinson Construction to provide lighting solutions that meet rugby, football, and cricket standards.
More integrated functionality, extended operation modes, tunability, and a Zhaga compliant footprint in the latest AC input light engines will meet a range of fixture design needs. Register to learn more in this on-demand webinar.
The Norwegian LED luminaire vendor is riding a wave of marine business. This time it will illuminate giant construction ships and seabed survey vessels.
The company is now describing the arrangement as a joint venture, and implies that the new factory in Jiujiang is an outsourced rather than in-house arrangement.
LEDs Magazine's September issue features a selection of specialty luminaires and drivers for demanding environments.
The U.K.-based lighting designer and manufacturer, which installed the existing fluorescent lamps more than a decade ago, estimates the new system will reduce carbon emissions related to lighting by 53%.
The fashion brand Garage attracts Generation Z customers by using lighting to create a unique shopping experience.