LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Sep 11th, 2023
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September 11, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Horticultural Lighting + Tech newsletter for Sept. 11, 2023. The past year has been relatively tough on horticultural lighting providers and controlled environment agriculture (CEA) operators alike, with inflation concerns and higher energy costs pushing growers’ focus elsewhere. Yet energy efficiency programs and utility incentives are still available to help offset the cost of installing more advanced equipment. Horticultural specialist Fluence says it has helped customers collect more than $26 million through its in-house rebate administration program, which can then be invested back into their businesses.

Still, bright spots on the horticultural horizon include new business for Sollum and new luminaires from P.L. Light Systems, as well as an enormous Colorado hydroponic greenhouse project covered by our Endeavor Business Media colleagues at Food Processing, demonstrating that sustainability improvements enabled by technology continue to march across the agricultural sector.

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“Fluence’s dedicated in-house rebate experts offer rebate and incentive management to all Fluence customers at no additional cost,” the company explained.
New co-leaders and chief financial officer all wear the Signify badge. Former CEO David Cohen resurfaces at a robotics packaging company for horticulture.
CEO Rondolat describes a “missed season” for horticulture, while indoor commercial and home markets continue to slump. Interest rates are now a factor, while outdoor lighting and supply chain offers bright spots in the financials.
With Sollum's dynamic LED lighting solution, AMCO president Fausto Amicone seeks business growth through revolutionizing the operation's lighting strategy.
The ParFX Ultra is available in high light output or ultra-high output models, and offers multiple standard spectral recipes. The TriPlane Linear offers minimal shadowing for canopy applications.
The hydroponic greenhouse will allow the company to grow, process and distribute more fresh produce to the region while conserving vital natural resources.