LEDs Focus On - Aug 24th, 2023
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August 24, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting newsletter for Aug. 24, 2023. This month’s feature story, a Profile piece on Yellow Goat Design, should have readers leaping to attention. (Admit it, that was mildly amusing.) The team of “goats” comprises a breadth of craftsmanship, artistic talent, and design expertise to deliver lighting, screen, and sculptural projects “crafted to deliver a message that will stand the test of time,” as North American division leader Carey Schuster describes.

We have plenty of other lighting resources below, including an upcoming webinar on the flexible fixture designs opened up by AC input light engines; a simulated-skylight product focus; personalized circadian lighting trials underway in a care home; and an industry report reviving the energy savings message for SSL.

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Initially launched in Australia, the North American division of Yellow Goat Design has earned accolades for its multilayered approach to crafting meaningful lighting design pieces.
American Lighting's Alyssa Stone details how new lighting distinguishes the World Market Center entrance from the other 12 million lights that set Las Vegas ablaze.
Innerscene’s simulated skylight solution, Virtual Sun, promises to create sunshine anytime, anywhere.
The caregivers at a Danish nursing home will play a key role in the personalized lighting system. A usability expert will study their acceptance of it.
The International Solid-State Lighting Alliance calls on lighting manufacturers to focus on efficiency, especially pertinent in developing economies.
More integrated functionality, extended operation modes, tunability, and a Zhaga compliant footprint in the latest AC input light engines will meet a range of fixture design needs. Register to learn more.
Evluma CEO Don Vendetti explains the key advances in Evluma's BrightStar Award recognized RoadMax RX1 roadway luminaire, examining the common problem of disability glare and how it was resolved with the optical design. Vendetti also touches on concerns with preventing light trespass as well as available controls capabilities.evluma.com
An Icelandic cathedral was given the top lighting design award, and top individual honors were awarded to Lisa Heschong and Alan Lewis.
The owners and design team prioritized local craftsmanship and thoughtful illumination in the multifaceted program.