LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Aug 23rd, 2023
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August 23, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Aug. 23, 2023. First, I’d like to introduce Hayden Beeson, associate editor for LEDs Magazine and Architectural SSL. Based in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, Hayden has several years’ experience in freelance writing and working with an industrial media and education provider. Hayden reported details on Innerscene’s Virtual Sun, a digital skylight that delivers an ever-changing blue sky and sunlike effect that can mimic natural daylight cycles with high color accuracy for spaces that lack window views.

Meanwhile, since we recently learned that a 2022 guest column by lighting designer Alana Shepherd has received finalist recognition from the publishing industry, we’ve included a blog highlighting the importance of continued discussion around equity concerns, as well as a column from Francesca Bastianini regarding how to grow lighting community involvement in activism efforts.

Finally, don’t forget that we have an automotive-focused webinar launching tomorrow afternoon that will cover thermal management concerns, their impact on automotive lighting designs, and how to overcome them to enable advanced performance and features.

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Innerscene’s simulated skylight solution, Virtual Sun, promises to create sunshine anytime, anywhere.
CEO Rondolat hopes the new site in China helps make manufacturing and logistics more efficient in the troubled consumer division.
LEDs Magazine contributor Alana Shepherd has been recognized by FOLIO: magazine as a finalist in its 2023 Eddie Awards program.
Lighting activism unites professional skills with a view toward achieving value for every community, says Sighte Studio principal FRANCESCA BASTIANINI.
Don't miss an opportunity to outshine your competitors and lead the industry with cutting-edge automotive LED thermal management solutions. Join us on Aug. 24 for a free webinar with Adura LED founder Kris Vasoya.
The troffer features an architectural basket lens design within a slim profile fixture for high performance and easy installation in a 2X2 ceiling grid system.
GDL002 series flood lights are offered in two input voltages: 24VDC with 12W and 5000K pure white emitted color, and a wide 100~277VAC range with either 8W/4000K natural white combination, or 10.8W with 3000K and 5000K color temperatures.
This summer, five more states have enacted laws that will end the sale of most fluorescent light bulbs. They are part of a growing clean lighting movement that aims to cut mercury pollution, utility bills, and planet-warming emissions.
The third generation of the latest Wi-Fi location protocol offers newfound opportunities in indoor navigation, wayfinding, asset tracking, and secure positioning.