LEDs Health and Wellbeing - Aug 21st, 2023
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August 21, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter for Aug. 21, 2023. Our featured story in this edition is compelling to me not solely for its implementation of a personalized circadian lighting approach in a residential care home, but also because the teams involved have utilized caregiver feedback to develop the user interface. They plan to explore user experience and compliance alongside analyzing the impact of spectrally tuning and varying light intensity levels on residents.

We also have updates on UV-based water disinfection and visible-lightbased area disinfection for you below, as well as an important call to action from global policy representatives regarding the phase-out of mercury-containing lamps. Although many locales have specific timelines to cease manufacturing of certain fluorescent products, global initiatives still need support from industry stakeholders to drive LED adoption and provide safe disposal for lamps to maintain a healthy environment for all.

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3528 E3 series brings leading reliability and combines it with leading efficacy to meet our customers’ highest performance demands. Achieving close to a typical 220 LPW (80 CRI) with enhancements to battle thermal shock and sulfurization, the 3528 E3 is the perfect fit for high bays, troffers and even some industrial applications. The E3 is complemented by other 3528 options in the same family.

The caregivers at a Danish nursing home will play a key role in the personalized lighting system. A usability expert will study their acceptance of it.
Co-chairs of the Minamata Convention on Mercury – Africa Region call upon the global lighting industry to support an amendment to mercury-lamp phase-out plans.
Editor-in-chief CARRIE MEADOWS reflects on the engagement with the LED and SSL industry that has supported her career path and continues to influence the focus of LEDs Magazine.
UV-C LED water disinfection systems developer says its PearlAqua Micro A provides a smaller, more efficient, and cost-effective market entry point for Asia water-dispensing equipment suppliers.
New MedMaster round ceiling troffers with optional Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection technology, amber and white light for patient rooms, and glare control.
New technologies and products offer lighting designers, architects, and building owners customizable solutions to improve occupant productivity, health, and well-being.
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