LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - Aug 14th, 2023
News and resources on connected lighting, controls, and IoT implementation for smart buildings and cities
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August 14, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for Aug. 14 2023. As we saw last month with the debut of the IEEE 802.11bb standard, Li-Fi technology now has more industry support for implementation, assuming portable device makers are ready to start embedding electronics dedicated to managing the light-based communications technology. Mark Halper provided more details on the light spectrum being channeled in the standard. We also cover more “conventional” connected systems in this newsletter edition, such as the smart-city projects enriching communities in Mesa, Arizona, and Chicago. Furthermore, Signify has added to its Interact IoT lineup with space-analysis products that can be implemented outside the lighting system. We also have an education offering announced by the Lighting Controls Association, which dives into lighting control requirements in the 2021 IECC model energy code, plus more resources from our network publications Smart Buildings Technology, Architectural SSL, and BUILDINGS.

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The cities of Mesa, Arizona, and Chicago upgrade their streetlights to LEDs powered by smart technology that delivers cost savings and improves public services, writes MURRYE BERNARD.
The company is offering a new set of sensors outside of the illumination system, intended for room occupancy and air quality monitoring.
Optical wireless 802.11bb will rely on infrared, not on the visible spectrum. Can deliver independent of illumination. Li-Fi is no longer strictly a “lighting” play.
Authored by Craig DiLouie, education director for the LCA, EE203: Lighting Controls and Energy Codes: 2021 IECC describes the lighting control requirements in this model energy code with a focus on what’s new over the 2018 version, with CEUs available.
Weigand has held roles in product management, marketing, and sales at leading companies, including Leviton, Encelium, Ledvance, Form Lighting and Controls, and Nicor.
Learn how this communication protocol and platform can lead to a host of advanced and time-saving lighting capabilities from the DALI Alliance itself.
The Network Installers president Patrick Chown shares the components and speeds required to support an efficient, safe, and future-proof facility.