LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Aug 9th, 2023
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August 9, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Aug. 9, 2023. Automotive lighting systems are making their way back into our field of view, with an upcoming webinar by Adura on thermal management solutions for advanced automotive LED designs, in addition to news on auto LED offerings from ams Osram. This week, a social media follower also pointed out that automotive headlamp glare is an issue with LED technology. Although the Aug. 24 webinar will not cover functional concerns like that, we did recently publish an article by Light and Health Research Center scientists Mark Rea and John Bullough on addressing and eliminating that very issue via advanced LED features and proper headlamp aiming.

Furthermore, while it’s not an automotive lighting issue per se, lighting engineer Claude Zhu brings us an excellent overview of the potential roadway dangers that improper deployment of digital billboards can cause. Zhu analyzes the visual discomfort, acuity, and distraction hazards, and examines existing metrics and regional guidance to suggest improved placement strategies.

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The emitters hadn’t really gone away, but they have notably re-emerged with products like the pixelated Eviyos micro LED for intelligent headlights.
The company is offering a new set of sensors outside of the illumination system, intended for room occupancy and air quality monitoring.
On Aug. 24, 2023, Adura LED's Kris Vasoya will help automotive LED lighting engineers overcome common obstacles to performance in high-power vehicle illumination systems.
CLAUDE ZHU explores the impact of an increase in digital billboards along roadways to drivers and recommends implementing guidance based on reviewed studies and available ordinances.
Leviton launched the 2023 edition of Captain Code in January, and distributors are already displaying and offering the guide to their contractor customers.
Espen Technology has been developing each of its lamp and retrofit kit families to be CCT-selectable, in order to reduce inventory carrying costs for distributors and contractors.
The Sept. 26-27 event in Detroit is themed “Unlocking the Potential of Networked Lighting Controls.”
The competitive awards will be distributed to 27 projects in 26 states plus the District of Columbia and result in a projected savings of $138 billion on utility bills.