LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Aug 2nd, 2023
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August 2, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for Aug. 2, 2023. Here in the northeast, we have seen relief from the high heat and humidity of the past several weeks. However, there is no such relief from the pressure cooker that is quarterly reporting for two of the largest players in LEDs and lighting ams Osram and Signify. Both companies reported losses in the second quarter. Our Mark Halper reports on the strategies each organization has revealed to analysts, which segments performed poorly, and where the bright spots remain.

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CEO Rondolat describes a “missed season” for horticulture, while indoor commercial and home markets continue to slump. Interest rates are now a factor, while outdoor lighting and supply chain offers bright spots in the financials.
Aldo Kamper continues to revive an Osram feel, as a restructuring removes ams-linked executives from the management board, and will eliminate some of the ams portfolio. Q2 sales fall. The future holds micro LEDs.
The lighting manufacturer will soon add home security features to its smart ecosystem. Wouldn’t price cuts also help in a market full of far less expensive choices?
Editor-in-chief CARRIE MEADOWS reflects on the engagement with the LED and SSL industry that has supported her career path and continues to influence the focus of LEDs Magazine.
Co-chairs of the Minamata Convention on Mercury – Africa Region call upon the global lighting industry to support an amendment to mercury-lamp phase-out plans.
ALYSSA STONE details how new lighting distinguishes the World Market Center entrance from the other 12 million lights that set Las Vegas ablaze.
Adam Mayse has been promoted to president and COO, from Metals Business Unit manager, while Tom Barnes has been promoted to vice president and business manager from Optical Business Unit manager.
Program caters to everyday projects often on tight deadlines by providing the most popular, readily available, and configurable products with dependable delivery service.
New MedMaster round ceiling troffers with optional Indigo-Clean visible light disinfection technology, amber and white light for patient rooms, and glare control.
The owners and design team prioritized local craftsmanship and thoughtful illumination in the multifaceted program.
The true power of ESG data lies in its potential to guide transformative change across industries, especially in the building sector, which has a significant impact on the environment and in our daily lives.
You won’t find a deep fryer in most office buildings, and it’s not likely you’ll see a Xerox machine at your local bakery or nail salon. Of course, every business is different and unique. With an infinite number of specializations, physical layouts, and occupant priorities, it’s hard to imagine a single lighting control solution could be capable of...