LEDs Magazine News & Insights - Jul 19th, 2023
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July 19, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s News & Insights for July 19, 2023. The hot, humid days here in New England definitely have me thinking about the balance between human comfort and energy consumption. Not to get too specific, but our household electric bill has leapt up over the course of 2023 and it’s higher with the addition of air conditioning units, of course. So I’m doing my best to make up the difference elsewhere at home – relying on daylight, reducing media streaming in the background, and powering down devices not in use. More than ever, energy reduction messaging has a place in the solid-state lighting market, says International Solid-State Lighting Alliance quarterly report author Norman Bardsley. In an analysis story, writer Jenny Jones summarizes the key takeaways from the ISA report, with Bardsley commenting on the as-yet-untapped opportunities for SSL advances and further adoption, especially in developing economies.

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The new 802.11bb now sits alongside the 802.11 of Wi-Fi. But will an ITU alternative curb the enthusiasm?
UV-C LED water disinfection systems developer says its PearlAqua Micro A provides a smaller, more efficient, and cost-effective market entry point for Asia water-dispensing equipment suppliers.
Life can be disorienting with 16 sunrises and 16 sunsets in a 24-hour period. Next month, a Danish astronaut will start to trial a normalizing illumination system 260 miles above Earth.
The International Solid-State Lighting Alliance calls on lighting manufacturers to focus on efficiency, especially pertinent in developing economies.
Evluma CEO Don Vendetti explains the key advances in Evluma's BrightStar Award recognized RoadMax RX1 roadway luminaire, examining the common problem of disability glare and how it was resolved with the optical design. Vendetti also touches on concerns with preventing light trespass as well as available controls capabilities.evluma.com
Casambi’s Travis Laib explains the capabilities of a BLE Mesh communications architecture and how the longer-range BLE Mesh devices present a new option for outdoor scenarios.
Pipeline Modular Suspension features a round profile that blends seamlessly with existing pipes and conduit found in open ceilings.
The Color Force II 48 is a multipurpose cyc, wash and effects lighting batten fixture which delivers at least 50% more light output than its predecessor with 92 CRI.
Building owners, operators, and contractors, as well as well as the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing designers implementing these new technologies should be wary.
AI is not a product, but a broad category of software that enables products and systems to do more than ever before possible. How do we put it to good use?
This roundup of recent luminaire launches includes acoustical lighting and creative design collaborations.