LEDs UV Tech Insights - Jul 13th, 2023
News & views on ultraviolet technology and applications - disinfection, safety, LED developments, and more
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July 13, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s bimonthly UV Tech Insights newsletter for July 13, 2023. You may have seen the tribute to lighting scientist and software engineer Ian Ashdown in other LEDs newsletters. We felt that given Ian’s interest in the discussion and mechanisms around both ultraviolet and visible-light based disinfection systems, it was appropriate to highlight his contributed work on these topics.

You’ll also find in this issue a link to our market update on UV-C LED potential, growth, and challenges. In that piece, AquiSense president and CEO Oliver Lawal offered perspective on the water disinfection segment opportunity, noting that OEMs’ and end users’ familiarity with water treatment technology and pursuit of more efficient, robust, and environmentally safe options would open up greater adoption of LED-based systems. And the company has recently released its smallest point-of-dispense water treatment system, yet maintains the disinfection capability of larger point-of-use equipment in its portfolio while reducing cost for regional market entry points. I’d be interested to hear from more UV-C LED component manufacturers on what percentage of their orders come from water disinfection systems developers, and if they have seen growth in this application over the past three years.

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