LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Jul 10th, 2023
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July 10, 2023

Welcome to the Horticultural Lighting + Tech newsletter by LEDs Magazine for July 10, 2023. Sadly, the LED and solid-state lighting community has lost a dedicated horticultural science and technology advocate in the passing of our longtime contact Ian Ashdown. Ian’s last contributed article for LEDs was a comparison of the PAR and ePAR (extended photosynthetically active radiation) metrics, their ability to serve in characterizing photosynthetic photon efficacy, and what other plant responses are impacted by light, where standards may be lacking. Ian’s depth in horticultural science was also reflected in his work with the IES RP-45-21 committee and his development of software dedicated to greenhouse lighting design, spun out in the company HelioSol Software Solutions.

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IAN ASHDOWN outlines the differences between PAR and ePAR, their place in characterizing horticultural luminaire efficacy, and their limitations in accounting for other key plant responses to light.
JAMES EAVES details safety, efficiency, and resilience benefits of centralized DC power for indoor grower operations.
Over three years, horticultural and building lighting controls developer Cosmicnode has connected hundreds of thousands of nodes with its wireless mesh network technology.
Libra Design custom engineers science-backed LED lighting for controlled environment agriculture with reduced equipment expense.
The German engineering and technology company will provide an open data platform for operations and the supply chain at the Signify-lit 80 Acres Farm group.
The latest botanical experiment aboard the ISS examines how a plant’s genetic structure changes in response to the stresses of life 260 miles high. It wouldn’t be possible without the lighting.
New board members include Dr. Chieri Kubota, Dr. Jan Westra, Kimberley Player, Shanita Penny, Mike Roth, and Brian Herrington.
With the water-cooled Embrace XL, a multifunctional multilayer LED fixture can be installed in any rack system.
Fast-growing packaged lettuce grower and processor will operate five greenhouses, growing lettuce using controlled environment agriculture (CEA) methods.