LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Jun 5th, 2023
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June 5, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Horticultural Lighting + Tech newsletter for June 5, 2023. Despite the refrain in lighting industry financial reports that LED-based horticultural lighting sales are slow due to higher energy prices, market research firm Mordor Intelligence still reports that over its forecast period from 2023 to 2028, horticultural lighting will demonstrate a compound annual growth rate of 20.61%. Meanwhile, key market players such as Signify and its Fluence business continue to expand their knowledge base for educational outreach to potential buyers in both food crop and legalized cannabis production. In our featured article, VoltServer’s James Eaves tackles controlled environment agriculture (CEA) power distribution techniques that can streamline CEA infrastructure, improve energy and operational efficiencies, and minimize safety risks to growers and maintenance personnel.

Look for our June issue, to be released soon, that contains an excellent analysis by Ian Ashdown regarding photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and extended PAR (ePAR) metrics, their usage in evaluating horticultural lighting products, as well as their shortcomings in defining the full potential of luminaires when held up against energy efficiency standards.

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JAMES EAVES details safety, efficiency, and resilience benefits of centralized DC power for indoor grower operations.
If you’re going to start with all LED lighting somewhere, why not start at the start?
Horticultural lighting vendor Fluence reminds growers that the spectral requirements for cannabis are very different from other crops.
Signify and its partners found encouraging results, but will now study what they can do to lower the electricity part of the light-mix equation.
First-quarter sales and earnings fall. The OEM channel was also weak.
The horticultural lighting vendor launches an educational program aimed at the wider industry, in partnership with Dutch research group Innexo.
Horticultural LEDs, luminaires, and controls platforms - among others - make an impression on industry judges in second annual BrightStar Awards program.
AI, robotics and GPS are making agriculture more productive and sustainable.
At CES 2023, John Deere presented new automation and electrification technologies aimed at making agriculture more productive and sustainable.
A growing global population and climate change are prompting scientists to explore new ways to reduce food loss and waste. A top candidate? Biosensors.