LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - May 8th, 2023
News and resources on connected lighting, controls, and IoT implementation for smart buildings and cities
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May 8, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for May 8, 2023. Our featured article in this issue is a bit different for us, but nonetheless intriguing. Power management in controlled environment agriculture can be tricky, says VoltServer’s James Eaves. Think about the amount of equipment that needs to be managed safely and reliably in order to run a thriving indoor growing operation. Add temperature variability, water for hydrating plants, and washdown capability to prevent crop-damaging microorganisms. Eaves explains how a centralized DC power architecture supports indoor grows, improves safety, reduces wasted energy, and minimizes the amount of electrical wiring and equipment needed to run such facilities.

Also in this issue: MHT Technologies leaders emphasize the company’s building automation expertise with its name change; Acuity looks to deliver a low-voltage DC platform for schools; and Craig DiLouie delivers key points on lighting and controls rebates for 2023.

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JAMES EAVES details safety, efficiency, and resilience benefits of centralized DC power for indoor grower operations.
The company formerly known as MHT Lighting has rebranded itself as MHT Technologies to bring greater awareness to digital building systems offerings.
The company’s DC2DC platform relies on low-voltage technology that helps installers minimize hazards with simplified power conversion architecture for greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs alongside tunability and control.
CRAIG DILOUIE examines the trends that are driving more rebates in controls and lighting and potentially fewer future opportunities in replacements lamps, based on research by rebate fulfillment provider BriteSwitch.
The global contest was open to any smart city sensors that can be installed on streetlights using the Zhaga Book 18 standard and that are suitable for Zhaga-D4i certification.
The awards recognize the best use of DALI lighting control applications and solutions in projects around the globe.
The five new products can be used without being connected to a luminaire to increase Bluetooth signal strength and range for the entire Keilton network.
Proprietary IoT systems can stifle integration of smart building tools. Open standards can help extend their value—here’s how.
The National BIM Standard-US Version 4 (NBIMS-US V4) has been three years in the making, and is set for unveiling at the National Institute of Building Sciences' (NIBS) Building Innovation 2023 conference this September.
If you asked the average lighting designer about the importance of LEDs or Bluetooth® communication 20 years ago, they may not have understood the question, let alone considered the two technologies central to any building plans. Fast forward to today, and LEDs and wireless communication systems are universal in practically every modern structure. ...