LEDs Focus On - Mar 23rd, 2023
Technology, case studies, and resources on LED-based general, facade, and entertainment illumination
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March 23, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting newsletter for March 23, 2023. After attending LEDucation a couple of weeks back, I was truly able to appreciate the differences in experience, the breadth of expertise, and the passion for uncompromising light quality I saw from exhibitors and key personnel I met with there. And the enthusiasm for discussion was evident as well. When I attended a session on life cycle assessment, one lighting manufacturing representative asked hard questions about maintaining profitability and productivity, while staying ahead of customer needs, if they have to include deep dives into sourcing, carbon emissions potential, and supply logistics details on every component in every fixture to calculate the LCA. The collective answer from speakers Leela Shanker, Kate Hickcox, and Russell Greenberg was that it wasn’t a question of “every component, every fixture” but rather developing enough information that average LCAs could be calculated and utilized across a number of product types before further regulations mandate which actions you must take.

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The residents of Pepperell, Mass. followed their town leaders in choosing advanced LED technology to illuminate their streets and preserve dark skies.
In a blog extended from our editor's weekly newsletter column, CARRIE MEADOWS explains why the industry can't separate energy and cost concerns from innovation and evolution in lighting.
MICHELE BARTOLINI explains how designer Cliff Stendel employed Axis LED lighting as a key component in creating a safe, engaging environment for a student body with unique cognitive and sensorial needs.
Recessed ceiling luminaires and mounting accessories simplify installation, minimize glare, and accommodate various lighting layouts for greater architectural impact.
That’s what Norwegian beer maker Aass Brewery did, replacing fluorescent tubes in the storage area with Glamox luminaires. All related energy costs fell by more than 100%.
Circular materials — as well as products for wellness, safety, and food security — are on target for 2025 objectives, CEO Rondolat says.
The phase-out is now in full swing, heading toward an August finale. LED vendor Glamox is among those calling for facility managers to wake up before it’s too late.
The collaborative software company revamps its Austin, Texas, office with a hospitality-inspired design by Mithun.
Year after year, one of EC&M’s most popular photo galleries is our annual “Best of the Worst” Code violations, showcasing the most “interesting” installations found by NEC Consultant Russ LeBlanc and reported in his popular “What’s Wrong Here?” column. Here’s a look at some specific lighting applications gone wrong. Inspect the photo, read the hint...
Cintas officials say it began the LED transition project in its fiscal year 2019 to decrease energy use in its older and more energy-intensive facilities.