LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Mar 6th, 2023
News and resources on controlled environment agriculture and LED lighting technology for developers, specifiers, and suppliers
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March 6, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Horticultural Lighting + Tech newsletter for March 6, 2023. The latest in horticultural systems combine data collection, advanced lighting, and connectivity to evolve the indoor farming operation. Signify, for its part, plans to offer the connected lighting and ensure that it is able to operate with and utilize existing data points, rather than amass a collection of additional environmental, HVAC, and plant monitoring devices in its horticultural portfolio.

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The Dutch lighting giant clarifies that, in the greenhouse, it will work with existing sensors and data platforms rather than provide its own.
Educators from ENERGY CODE ACE summarize code requirements for controlled environment horticulture in California’s Title 24, Part 6 building energy code with a focus on lighting.
Modular parts and reusable or recyclable materials combined with smart electronics can boost CEA lighting’s sustainability quotient, explains CRAIG PRICE.
A centralized approach to powering horticultural lighting explained how to simplify installation, minimize power losses, and reduce operating costs.
LEDs Magazine plates a healthy serving of controlled environment agriculture and horticultural lighting updates.
It’s not just about North America for the Signify-owned Texas company, which to some extent is competing against a sister horticultural group at Signify for lighting jobs on both continents.
The Signify-lit Dubai facility puts spinach, kale, and lettuce on the plates of many thousands of air travelers per day.
Climate change, if left unchecked, threatens to unravel 200 years of human progress. But building a net-zero carbon economy is within human reach through focused innovation and reaching scale in clean energy technologies and solutions.
Check out the energy trends described in The Sustainable Energy in America 2023 Factbook to understand why microgrids are gaining traction.
Manufacturers with limited resources can benefit greatly from industrial connectivity technologies.