LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - Feb 13th, 2023
News and resources on connected lighting, controls, and IoT implementation for smart buildings and cities
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February 13, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for Feb. 13, 2023. The landscape for connectivity and controls is so broad, we just can’t cover it all. And of course we want to make sure that we keep our focus on the LED and lighting topics that are in our wheelhouse. That’s why we bring you related content and other perspectives from our colleagues and expert contributors at publications such as Smart Buildings Technology, BUILDINGS, and Microgrid Knowledge, which you see in the “From Our Partners” section of the newsletter. The more electrification, decarbonization, and intelligent systems spread, the more — ahem — connection you will see with these selections. Please check them out.

In this issue:

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DC power helps futureproof buildings by providing electricity that is directly compatible with digital devices, LED lighting, and HVAC systems with DC motors.
As the company reports its recently anticipated fourth-quarter decline, it expects volatility for at least another six months, but believes a global premium on energy efficiency will drive sales.
Offshore wind helps drive marine sales. The numbers are up on land, too.
Likely no one expected yoga as a metaphor for covering the breadth of the lighting industry. But as a popular YouTube yoga instructor likes to say, it's all connected!
Tech LED will distribute Lumos Controls from WiSilica through U.K. and European markets.
Freeform Layout View and Cue List Tracking view additions provide quick access to features database for programming.
When used with Fujitsu’s IoT connectivity anchors, sensor nodes, or USB dongle products, the FWM8BLZ14T mesh tag enables the creation of large-scale, high-density networks under autonomous network rerouting.
New data from ABI Research sees the market for hospitality and coworking space shipments for smart home and connected home devices expanding at a 23.5% CAGR through 2027.
In this episode, we sit down with a few industry experts to break down the myriad of ecolabels, third-party certification programs and green building rating systems on the market.
Every year Microgrid Knowledge issues a call for speakers for its annual conference. This gives us content for the event but also insight into the latest trends and projects.