LEDs Focus On - Jan 26th, 2023
Technology, case studies, and resources on LED-based general, facade, and entertainment illumination
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January 26, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting for Jan. 26, 2023. Our team is looking forward to visiting LEDucation coming up this March in New York City. A few topics on my radar include life cycle assessment, light and health, and expectations with new generations of LED installations. It looks like there is plenty to choose from. I hope to see you there!

In this month’s edition:

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Edge-X optical technology delivers direct/indirect capability in downlights, helping lighting designers reduce cavern-like ceiling effects as well as glare with circular fixtures.
Earlier satellite measurements of night sky brightness have failed to note the effect of blue LED spectra. But it hasn’t escaped the attention of 51,000 citizen scientists.
CEO of advisory firm Hilco Streambank, representing LiteSheet, says “established relationships and signed distribution contracts” with well-known industrial supply partners validate the high value of the company’s AC direct technology.
An earlier slowdown in China has spread to Europe and the U.S., triggering cost reductions and honing the focus on specialty LEDs with a possible fiscal third-quarter turnaround in sight.
Quarterly sales will fall, 2022 results will tally below expectations. Indoor professional lighting, which had been strong, has slipped. China has gotten worse.
The lifestyle and retail executive will lead the Danish lighting manufacturer’s new business structure in top priority markets.
Most recently the company's product and marketing director, Hicks replaces co-founder Chris Hunt.
A variety of standard and custom LED luminaires delivers uniform illumination suited to each space, blended with daylight to maximize efficiency and minimize glare.
Declare labeled luminaire delivers direct illumination softened by recycled-material body.
Quinn Evans, Schuler Shook, and Loring Consulting Engineers collaborated with Folio to create a custom light panel that can emulate both daylight and a star-filled night inside Washington’s largest concert hall.
Estimates include grid modernization and decarbonization goals, the rise of the energy prosumer, technological advances, and supportive policies and regulations.
Meet Birgit Stiller, who leads the Quantum Optoacoustics Research Group at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light.