LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Jan 9th, 2023
News and resources on controlled environment agriculture and LED lighting technology for developers, specifiers, and suppliers
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January 9, 2023

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Horticultural Lighting + Tech Newsletter for Jan. 9, 2023. It still strikes me as odd to type “2023.” As a child of the 80s, “Young Carrie” couldn’t even imagine that someday she would be learning and writing about applications such as horticultural lighting and controlled environment agriculture. I wanted to be a detective and write mysteries! And yet here I am “present me” is not sorry about the experiences to which I’ve been exposed. While not specific to horticultural LED lighting, I did have a fun time being on the other side of the interview with CBC Radio “Spark” segment host Nora Young in December. If you give it a listen, you’ll hear some background on LEDs’ evolution and markets, cool insights on OLEDs, and even the role of lighting and display tech in special effects from other guests on the podcast.

In today’s newsletter, you’ll find updates on both wins and losses in horticultural lighting and indoor farming, plus optimism in further leveraging LEDs and connectivity along with knowledge-backed design practices across applications including agriculture. Please stay in touch about content we publish and to propose contributed articles.

Carrie Meadows, [email protected]

Fifth Season, a once-promising customer of GE Current on the site of an old steel mill, is no more. Not all growers are growing.
LEDs Magazine has opened its call for BrightStar Awards submissions to the entire LED and lighting component, system, and finished product supply chain. Read on for details!
Big players such as ams Osram, Lumileds, Cree LED, Signify, and GE Lighting continued to make moves designed to balance price pressures, supply-chain challenges, and shifting market priorities.
WANDA LAU peruses our coverage from the past year, noting not only the expanded applications of LEDs but also industry-wide activities promoting standards, quality improvements, and environmental and social awareness of the need for optimal lighting.
Over 70% of North American growers are now using the light source, according to the latest survey. Energy is the biggest reason. But there are others.
A partnership in an undisclosed location looks at lighting and nutrients. Signify’s existing horticultural group won’t share findings with its newly acquired Fluence. All in the family?
In the latest phase of the “Veggie” studies, NASA will examine the effects of light and fertilizer on growth. It will also look at psychological benefits for the astronauts.
Using a photosynthesis-based model, researchers are working to better understand how light could boost agrivoltaics and clean energy production.
The collaboration begins with restoration work on 20 acres at SMUD’s larger Rancho Seco project site in northern California. SMUD is the primary electricity provider for the state’s capital city.
POWR2 POWRBANKs are energy storage systems that can be used with diesel, natural gas or renewable energy. The portable systems are often used for temporary power applications and to reduce CO2 emissions