LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - Dec 12th, 2022
News and resources on connected lighting, controls, and IoT implementation for smart buildings and cities
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December 12, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for Dec. 12, 2022. As the year winds down, you’ll find our editor’s top pick for an industry-contributed article that tackles one of the most intimidating topics facing lighting and building systems specialists: how to build security into smart systems from the ground up.

Our most-read articles of the year below pull from the feature pages, as we will cover our top news stories across the entire gamut of our coverage in an upcoming newsletter. Of course, we have some new content that should pique your interest for example, how lighting giant Signify sees energy costs boosting the profile of connected lighting. Plus, if you’ve been thinking about joining the L-Prize fray, now is the time to decide. PNNL scientist and program architect Gabe Arnold divulges what the judges will be looking for as participants finalize their Intents to Submit for the Prototype Phase.

One last thing: Don’t lose sight of our Dec. 20 Early Bird deadline for the LEDs Magazine BrightStar Awards. You could gain industry recognition and enhance your company’s presence in categories including Connected SSL, Software and Controls.

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Smart building network security concerns can be mitigated by starting from sound IT standards and best practices, wrote Radix IoT executive Michael Skurla early this year.
Optional points opportunities invite entrants to address some of the most pressing technical challenges for the lighting industry, says PNNL’s GABE ARNOLD.
Signify CEO Eric Rondolat says the additional power reduction from connected lighting will be crucial to growth in the commercial sector. Data-driven initiatives appear to be in the back seat.
The co-CEOs of Oledcomm note that eye safety, cost, and other issues will assure LEDs a place at the table.
The lure of wireless lighting control and scheduling functionality without a gateway brought readers to the pages of LEDs Magazine.
Prepare for energy code requirements that impact lighting and controls implementation. CRAIG DILOUIE summarizes changes to California Title 24 energy code that will go into effect in 2023.
Angela Pilant explains how school districts can customize and futureproof their lighting with luminaire level lighting control systems.
The founder and principal of Black Kite Consulting, AECO marketing expert, and city planning commissioner shares what people expect from their smart buildings and technologies.
The results of an energy audit are designed to drive meaningful action for a building operator. Some of these actions are low- or no-cost. For longer term impact, investments into new technologies and building upgrades will need to be made
The SPIRE Qualification Program offers a pathway for trained third-party qualified assessors to conduct SPIRE Smart Building Assessments and gain insights from UL Solutions smart building experts.