LEDs Horticultural Lighting + Tech - Dec 5th, 2022
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December 5, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Horticultural Lighting + Tech newsletter for Dec. 5, 2022. The clock has started on our 2023 BrightStar Awards program, recognizing products in the LED and solid-state lighting supply chain that demonstrate innovation, performance, efficiency, reliability, and ease of integration/use. We’ve posted a blog today to highlight some of the most commonly asked questions generated about this industry recognition program in the last year. Check it out and don’t miss out on that Early Bird discount (ends Dec. 20).

We also feature new developments in horticultural experimentation aboard the International Space Station, as well as the most popular horticultural lighting and controlled environment agriculture content we’ve published in 2022. We’re looking forward to recapping each of our hot topics lists and ultimately revealing the top content of the year from LEDs Magazine across the entire breadth of our business news, market analysis, technology development, and case-study coverage. Make sure to renew your subscriptions to stay informed into the new year.

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In the latest phase of the “Veggie” studies, NASA will examine the effects of light and fertilizer on growth. It will also look at psychological benefits for the astronauts.
Dutch propagator WSK experimented with a combination of LED and high-pressure sodium lights, ultimately finding the right mix to keep the fruit from growing too quickly.
A centralized approach to powering horticultural lighting explained how to simplify installation, minimize power losses, and reduce operating costs.
Fluence teamed up with New Zealand's BioLumic for UV recipes that can influence cannabis yields, pest resistance, and desirable plant traits.
In 2022 Fluence released the SPYDR Fang luminaire, which provides the same spectral distribution as the company’s professional LED models.
LEDs Magazine has opened its call for BrightStar Awards submissions to the entire LED and lighting component, system, and finished product supply chain. Read on for details!
The future of LED-lit indoor farming could include redundant car garages and the like, according to controlled environment agricultural engineering firm urban-gro.
In Oregon, which suffers from the effects of climate change, two cities are developing community microgrids. The projects reflect new models emerging to get more community microgrids on the ground nationally.
Section 422.5(A) requires GFCI protection to be provided for seven specific appliances. This requirement is based solely on the voltage rating and amperage rating of the appliance. The branch circuit voltage rating is irrelevant because there is no mention of the branch circuit voltage in this rule. There are also no exceptions to this rule. What a...
Semiconductors are not a homogenous commodity; they are unique to specific products and technologies.