LEDs Focus On - Nov 28th, 2022
Technology, case studies, and resources on LED-based general, facade, and entertainment illumination
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November 28, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting for Nov. 28, 2022. We have two excellent upcoming webinars on lighting topics. On. Dec. 1, Luminus’ Michelle Collins will detail high-power white LEDs for directional lighting product development, while on Dec. 6 Diode LED’s Cameron Girgus will demonstrate how to upgrade RGBW lighting designs with wireless Bluetooth control. Join us live to learn from these experts; all our webinars are also available on demand within 24 hours after the live event.

In case you don’t receive our weekly News & Insights, we’d like to highlight the ongoing L-Prize Prototype Phase as Intent to Submit closes in January. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory engineer Gabe Arnold, an architect of the L-Prize program, describes how the Prototype Phase could advance solid-state lighting on many different levels. Based on the exciting prospects revealed in the Concept Phase, I’m excited to see what comes from next-generation ideas realized.

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Optional points opportunities invite entrants to address some of the most pressing technical challenges for the lighting industry, says PNNL’s GABE ARNOLD.
Revamped and new SSL products take advantage of LEDs' compact footprint to deliver unobtrusive fixtures.
Concrete bollard series is designed to enhance and blend with architectural and natural landscapes.
Housewares retailer Casaideas uses precisely selected lighting to demonstrate illuminating ideas for the home.
California employs climate-saving policy strategy to eradicate fluorescent bulbs. Advocates HEIDI SANBORN, JORDAN WELLS, and MICHAEL SCHOLAND explain how.
WANDA LAU peruses our coverage from the past year, noting not only the expanded applications of LEDs but also industry-wide activities promoting standards, quality improvements, and environmental and social awareness of the need for optimal lighting.
This webinar will cover the features of high-intensity SST and SFT white LEDs and showcase examples of how these LED features enhance a directional lighting system's performance.
Linear lighting manufacturer Diode LED joins with Casambi to showcase an informative demonstration of dynamic, color changing lighting for any application. Register for the webinar and gain a competitive edge in color changing lighting.