LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - Nov 14th, 2022
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November 14, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for Nov. 14, 2022. As our Mark Halper has observed many times, the road to fully connected, intelligent lighting and controls has been long and winding. As integrated lighting and building systems continue to slowly gain traction, we have seen some companies focusing on the additional energy-savings benefits of connected SSL and controls and decarbonization over the data-enabled applications. And we should see even greater gains with improved, next-generation SSL products applied in thoughtful designs. Still, larger lighting companies moving ahead with connectivity lately have been hiring for expertise outside the lighting sector, demonstrated by Europe’s Glamox and Fagerhult, as LEDs has reported. Executives like CEO Astrid Simonsen Joos, with communications and information technology experience, may establish common ground between lighting companies and pure-play IT and service providers.

Don’t forget to register for upcoming webinars on leveraging LED attributes in well-designed systems to properly address blue light, light trespass, and optimized placement of light, as well as the interplay of linear lighting and wireless controls for elegant color-changing effects. They will also be available on demand. And our colleagues at Smart Buildings Technology have an excellent virtual event program scheduled for this Wednesday, Nov. 16, that you should attend if you have a need for new insights from leaders in the architecture, engineering, construction, and ownership and operations sector.

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Good thing that Astrid Simonsen Joos likes an adventure, because she has one ahead in smart lighting. Her strong IT background should help.
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Lighting and building technology integration professionals can employ IT standards for securing converged smart systems to eliminate communications loopholes and gaps in device security, says Michael Skurla.
CEO Neil Ashe says the company remains optimistic about Atrius, and that an acquisition could help things along.
The cross-industry alliance that has been developing the Matter protocol has at long last completed it, so companies like Signify, Amazon, and others can now proceed. But what about Hue?
Oledcomm is now all about infrared LED as its shifts its emphasis from the consumer market and towards defense and aerospace. Lasers are on the roadmap.
Sales and profits rise in the third quarter. Logistical logjams haven’t gone away, but they’re much smaller than they were.
On Nov. 16, Lumileds LED specialist Willem Sillevis-Smitt will explain the tools and techniques available that will help the lighting industry overcome dark-sky concerns.
Linear lighting manufacturer Diode LED joins with Casambi to showcase an informative demonstration of dynamic, color changing lighting for any application. Register for the webinar and gain a competitive edge in color changing lighting.
The free, all-day event on Nov. 16 will feature a series of educational and interactive webinars and sessions.