LEDs UV Tech Insights - Nov 10th, 2022
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November 10, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s UV Tech Insights for Nov. 10, 2022. In this month’s edition, we’ve incorporated some recent financial reporting from Signify that appears to reflect the reduction in announcements we’ve received regarding ultraviolet disinfection from companies within the lighting space. Now that is not to say that technologies are not being offered or that there is no activity to be found on this front just that less of it appears to be coming from well-known players in the lighting market. And maybe that is a trend to watch with the UV disinfection application. Are businesses that have emerged in niche disinfection markets “staying in their lanes,” such as within healthcare facilities, public buildings, and transportation market sectors? Are we awaiting a new wave of commercialization in UV- and visible-lightbased sanitization technologies? We shall observe and report.

You’ll also find below some excellent features and UV-related news that gained traction this year not all of it even published within 2022 but remaining well read. We’ve also included a few gems from our Endeavor Business Media colleagues on UV in horticulture, building systems, and aircraft health and safety guidance.

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Demand for surface-oriented wares is slow. Air disinfection lines also sluggish.
Consultant Mike Krames explains how recent technology breakthroughs have set UV-C-band LEDs onto a performance roadmap, similar to that driven by general-illumination LEDs, which will advance disinfection applications.
How do application usage scenarios impact the specification and design of UV-C-based sterilization and disinfection products?
LM-92-22, a joint IES/IUVA standard, should help drive consistency of characterization data for disinfection sources.
Our Mark Halper took a closer look at the Chapter 7 filing by Healthe and found some familiar names in a top story from this past February.
Commercial installations picked up over the end of 2021 and into early 2022, particularly in hospitality and educational settings.
Fluence teams with New Zealand specialist to harness ultraviolet wavelengths during propagation of cannabis.
A new europium complex-based thin-film coating has been shown to help accelerate the growth of plants by enhancing the properties of photosynthesis.
These four products can help give your new or existing building the necessary intelligence for improved efficiency and operation.
Embraer has released technical guidance to apply UV-C lights for cockpit sanitization, as well as disinfectants and coatings for the cabin in the company’s commercial aircraft.