LEDs Focus On - Oct 27th, 2022
Technology, case studies, and resources on LED-based general, facade, and entertainment illumination
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October 27, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s Focus On LEDs in Lighting for Oct. 27, 2022. Our annual LED & Lighting Industry Guide issue is nearly complete and will be available to subscribers soon. You can start or update a subscription to ensure you receive that annual buyer’s resource. In the issue Commentary, Wanda Lau reviews some noteworthy standards and programs milestones, application developments, and projects that we’ve covered. She notes that her biggest takeaway from the year has been how these advances can continue to “educate lighting professionals to wield their powers respectfully.” That’s one of the factors that I think will continue to inspire innovative thinking and improve the application of LEDs in all types of use cases, including general and architectural illumination.

One innovator is the firm Glint Lighting, which builds on its optical expertise to design fixtures that essentially disappear into the built environment rather than draw attention to themselves. You can also learn more about the latest lighting industry news and moves, such as plans for LightFair, a former Signify executive who resurfaced at Glamox, and positive business reporting from Acuity.

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GLINT LIGHTING executives shared the road that led their company to specialty and commercialized SSL products and industry recognition of their optical expertise even in mainstream media.
Starting in 2023, the architectural and lighting trade show and conference will take place on odd-numbered years "in response to the changing needs of lighting manufacturing and specification."
Seven price increases in 12 months didn’t hurt the top line. Component shortages are still an issue. Meanwhile, Atrius IoT is due for a polish.
Astrid Simonsen Joos sounds determined to boost the IoT business at the LED lighting company, which is strong in the maritime sector and building its human-centric presence.
WarmDim technology warms the color of the LED light on a gentle gradient as it dims light output, delivering the feeling of halogen lighting with the long life and energy savings of LED.
The first product in the series is a 4-ft, 12W, Type B, double-ended input LED tube with color-changing capability.
The compact iteration of the LED downlight offers a 90° beam angle, smooth triac dimming, and lumen output of 450 lm at 5.5W and a 4000K CCT.
Linear lighting manufacturer Diode LED joins with Casambi to showcase an informative demonstration of dynamic, color changing lighting for any application. Register for the webinar and gain a competitive edge in color changing lighting.
Join power-integration specialists Marc McAndrew and Talal Abdelghany of ERP Power for a 360-degree approach to understanding component choices, interoperability, and standards for optimal luminaire performance.