LEDs UV Tech Insights - Oct 13th, 2022
News & views on ultraviolet technology and applications - disinfection, safety, LED developments, and more
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October 13, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine’s UV Tech Insights for Oct. 13, 2022. We’ve got some product developments for you today addressing multiple UV wavelengths – but not all of the devices are tackling high-profile disinfection applications.

Our coverage often reminds me that although we may focus on some highly visible topics (pardon the wording), like germicidal UV, architectural lighting, and connected lighting and controls, use cases such as sensing/detection, communications, and more continue to emerge for LED technology. It’s what makes this market so engaging.

Speaking of which, we have rolled out a fantastic resource for continuing education at your own speed and on your own time, in our Lighting Learning Lab platform. Our team continues to add courses to meet the needs of a variety of LED and lighting professionals, including those beginning to dip into UV technology.

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MEAN WELL XLG-20 and XLG-320 series product design is in line with the latest regulatory requirements and isolation dimming design. The whole series adopts independent control gear certification and conforms to the IP67 waterproof standard, which is convenient for customers to use with luminaires in situations involving humid conditions and externally mounted configurations.

LEDs Magazine delivers updates on LED devices for UV-centric applications.
Water disinfection itself has already been on the radar of UV-LED makers, but now UV-C LEDs are in a position to serve in a sensing capacity in the larger water treatment system, says HARI VENUGOPALAN.
LESA's Elsebeth Kolmos describes what research has revealed about plant responses to ultraviolet light and observes there is much more to be learned.
In a follow-up to an earlier story, we discover that the ceiling fan company Big Ass Fans is using ultraviolet LEDs — not mercury vapor — to fight airborne coronavirus. Customers include Orangetheory fitness centers, as well as Carnegie Mellon University.
An index boosting solution increases optical output of the bare die by 100% to support high-power applications.
UV LED curing systems use a precision air- or water-cooled light source and proprietary optics to improve process control for specialty fiber coatings.
Surface mounted optic can be designed for a variety of beam patterns using IR, visible, or UV LEDs.
Whether buildings of the future have massively scaled back carbon footprints may turn on developments with building energy codes, a locus of growing attention and debate. One, the International Energy Conservation Code, is in the latter stages of its triennial revision and could ultimately incorporate requirements that widen the code’s scope from simply...
Micron, describing the plant as the "largest semiconductor fabrication facility in the history of the United States," said the venture would directly create 9,000 jobs.
Respondents included systems integrators, OEMs, machine vision products and components distributors, research and development organizations, end users/manufacturers, and vendors/suppliers of machine vision components.