LEDs Health and Wellbeing - Sep 26th, 2022
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September 26, 2022

Welcome to the monthly Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter for Sept. 26, 2022. Starting in the latter part of August, I’m always struck by the dynamic daylight changes both the intensity at different times of day and the shortening of those daylight hours. You would think I’d be used to it by now. But I typically take advantage of comfortable temperatures to get outdoors more in autumn than I actually do during the summer daytime hours. It just feels right. I heard a lot about daylight and views last week at our LightSPEC West conference. I plan to share some of those perspectives over the next week; we will certainly be seeking more contributions from the industry on merging daylighting, electric lighting, and design principles to maximize human wellbeing.

In this issue:

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SunLike 3030 Series LEDs produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight to deliver a healthier light experience by minimizing potential negative effects of artificial light. Accurately render objects in high quality light with this human-centric, nature-inspired light source. Available online at Digi-Key, Future, Avnet, and NRC Electronics.

The shift to LEDs is subjecting both humans and nature to what can be detrimental light frequencies, University of Exeter scientists report.
Residents are better rested and more alert under human-centric luminaires, according to a Harvard University study. To paraphrase: It’s the circadian, stupid!
Three projects recognized for quality lighting combined with flexible controls to deliver enhanced experiences, data insights, and resource management in commercial and residential applications.
Our September issue zeroes in on LightFair's awards winners for 2022.
Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP analyzed cognitive and psychological effects of different light color temperatures and spectrum with Nichia LED technology.
New wattage levels and selectable output currents available with Gen 2 drivers; iOS Touch to Tune app enables immediate driver replacement in the field.
Focusing on electronic architectures inside fixtures, the Sept. 30 presentation will cover how to add flexibility to multi-channel fixture designs in order to meet a variety of specifications.
Tommy Linstroth is founder and CEO of Green Badger, a provider of a comprehensive SaaS with powerful data analytics capabilities used to automate and easily report LEED compliance and ESG metrics for smart building construction projects.
Jabil and IndustryWeek look into how manufacturers are responding to supply chain woes.