LEDs Health and Wellbeing - Jul 25th, 2022
News and resources on SSL technology designed for human health and wellbeing
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July 25, 2022

Welcome to the Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter for July 25, 2022. Today's the last day to get lighting and controls project submissions in for the LightSPEC Design Excellence Awards. These inaugural awards will recognize innovative and energy-efficient projects that support the purpose of the space while respecting the environment, serving the community in an equitable manner, and/or bringing advanced capabilities to occupants or stakeholders. Submit your entry by 11:00 PM Eastern.

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SunLike 3030 Series LEDs produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight to deliver a healthier light experience by minimizing potential negative effects of artificial light. Accurately render objects in high quality light with this human-centric, nature-inspired light source. Available online at Digi-Key, Future, Avnet, and NRC Electronics.

While a couple of Wisconsin care homes continue to examine the sleep/wake benefits, they have certainly cut their electricity bills.
Inaugural LightSPEC Design Excellence Awards entry deadline for integrated lighting and controls projects closes July 25, 2022. Finalize your entries by 11 PM Eastern Time!
England’s Cumbria includes the renowned Lake District, known for starry nights - and looks to stay that way.
The International Dark-Sky Association questions whether the efficiency of solid-state luminaires has lulled us into too much illumination.
Global associations have improved guidance for public health and UVGI implementation in their sights, taking aim to clarify UV market messaging, set expectations with products and practices, and build a healthy market strategy through standardization.
As a partner, UL will support LHRC to expand its continuing education in lighting programming that helps improve the wellbeing of humans and the planet as a whole.
The company's environmental, social and governance mission is to help its customers achieve their sustainability, energy savings, and carbon footprint reduction goals through technology and service innovation.
ams OSRAM presented demonstrated its latest lighting and sensor technologies, which can improve the lives of many people, in the areas of UV-C treatment, horticulture or in indoor, outdoor and industry applications.
Buildings IOT director of product strategy Ben Bradford and CTO Rob Vandenberg share their checklist for evaluating sensors that bridge the IT and OT worlds.
PPG’s Sustainability Leader: ‘It’s a pivotal moment’