LEDs Connected SSL & Controls - Jul 18th, 2022
News and resources on connected lighting, controls, and IoT implementation for smart buildings and cities
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July 18, 2022

Welcome to LEDs Magazine's Connected SSL & Controls newsletter for July 18, 2022. Coming out of LightFair, we are more convinced than ever that controls offerings delivering granularity for light quality, visual acuity, energy savings, and enhanced occupant experience will advance the penetration of next-generation LED lighting across larger-scale projects. But as multiple industry contacts noted, simplifying the road to integrated control systems is key.

Also in this issue:

  • Design Excellence Awards for projects will be handed out during LightSPEC West. But you can't be recognized if you don't enter! Deadline is extended to Monday, July 25.
  • Li-Fi is making some additional noise, with backing from Cisco and new cash infusion for pureLiFi.
  • BrightStar honorees Pharos and Synapse Wireless describe their value-adds to lighting and controls in our latest videos.

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Inaugural LightSPEc Design Excellence Awards entry deadline for integrated lighting and controls projects closes July 25, 2022. Finalize your entries by 11 PM Eastern Time!
Systems and controls providers pumped up their tradeshow profiles, delivering carefully considered power and performance improvements for smart but ‘simplified’ end-user management.
We celebrated the BrightStar Awards honorees for their contributions to advancing SSL and controls, component technologies, and application-specific systems.
News teasers include next phase for L-Prize; DLC Solid-State Lighting Program v5.1; ISELED Alliance update; and Light and Health Research Center lighting design course.
The networking giant sees an opportunity to sell more gear. But a standards debate continues.
Could this help bring on the lasers?
Energy Insights is a new capability built within SimplySnap, the wireless lighting control solution from Synapse Wireless, that helps facility managers identify where the plant is wasting energy and enables them to develop a plan to optimize energy usage.
Pharos Cloud delivers remote insights into lighting systems, enabling integrators and end users tailor access, schedule lighting schemes, and streamline controls functionality for campuses, large-scale entertainment venues, and more.