LEDs Focus On - Jun 23rd, 2022
Technology, case studies, and resources on LED-based general, facade, and entertainment illumination
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June 23, 2022

Welcome to the Focus On LEDs in Lighting newsletter for June 23, 2022. We're on our way back home after a whirlwind experience at LightFair. Thank you for your hospitality, Las Vegas, and thanks to all those who connected with us this week.

In this issue:

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Wireless, intelligent, flexible: the future is smart. Adapt lighting to your needs – with our OTi BLE 80/220-240/24 1-4CH wireless LED drivers and lighting control via mobile app. Thanks to multi-channel control and a dimming range of 0.4% to 100%, you have maximum design freedom for your lighting project in stores, hospitality or upscale housing.

Consultant CLIFTON STANLEY LEMON describes how to achieve a fundamental principle for lighting design — illuminating humans in the space — with SSL sources, in an excerpt from...
Upgraded LED luminaires have long lifetimes for high cost-effectiveness in demand-based environments.
The Stretta ST2Arm offers a 1-3/8” aperture with a variety of installation options, trims, finishes, and lumens.
Custom solutions engineered to encourage designers to leave a unique signature on a project with bespoke luminaires.
In its inaugural year, LEDs Magazine’s BrightStar Awards program recognizes 31 products for innovation in LED and solid-state lighting systems and applications.
LEDs Magazine's new department provides an inside look at a leading individual or firm involved in the LED and SSL manufacturing, design, and supply chain. Our first subject is...
PNNL’s Kate Hickcox notes common themes of modularity and interoperability that could ease the integration of 2022 L-Prize Concept Design winners.

We launched the fifth generation of our BackLED portfolio, and it is more convincing than ever before. With this addition, we introduced new technological improvements that make your signage and backlighting projects shine even brighter. From 24 V LED modules to a large choice of compatible dimming devices, LED drivers, accessories and controlling methods – we’re aiming to offer you the perfect tool box for your backlighting projects.

For the fifteenth consecutive month, architecture firms reported increasing demand for design services in April, according to a new report from The American Institute of Architects...
The U.S. Department of Energy has selected 12 remote and island communities to help strengthen their energy infrastructure, reduce the risk of outages and improve energy and economic...