LEDs Health and Wellbeing - Jun 20th, 2022
News and resources on SSL technology designed for human health and wellbeing
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June 20, 2022

Welcome to the Lighting for Health & Wellbeing newsletter for June 20, 2022. Well, we're on our way to LightFair! For me, this will be my first visit to the show. I hope to connect with as many of you as possible in the two days I'll be running around Las Vegas Convention Center.

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SunLike 3030 Series LEDs produce light that closely matches the spectrum of natural sunlight to deliver a healthier light experience by minimizing potential negative effects of artificial light. Accurately render objects in high quality light with this human-centric, nature-inspired light source. Available online at Digi-Key, Future, Avnet, and NRC Electronics.

In partnership with Chromaviso and four other lighting and technology firms, an E.U.-funded initiative will investigate how to individually tailor circadian systems.
Continuing education involves many opportunities — among them, getting back to connecting with industry professionals in the same physical space, writes Wanda Lau.
In Part 1 of a circadian lighting series, the LRC's Allison Thayer defines a new set of vocabulary that is crucial to understanding circadian light metrics.
As more details emerge on the company’s acquisition by Korrus, one thing that’s clear is that founder Martin Moore-Ede will continue to evangelize light for wellbeing under the new owner.
Vantage lighting controls provide a highly intuitive, compatible control experience for No. 8 Lighting's tunable white LED technology.
SunLike technology helps to support comfortable environment for light-sensitive amphibians at German vivarium.
PAE contends the new smart building's success shows the private sector that meeting the highest sustainability aspirations for new buildings "is truly achievable in a developer-driven model."
Illumination is required for outdoor entrances and exits at dwelling units, but the permitted location of the required lighting outlet may provide us with a few surprises.