Updates from the DOE and Energy Star

The DOE has published updated Energy Star criteria for Intergral LED Lamps. It has also published reports from two recent Workshops and announced another Manufacturing Workshop in late June.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) continues to push forward with its Solid State Lighting (SSL) program and its development of Energy Star criteria for SSL, as described below.

Of course, one development has not happened as advertised; in mid March the EPA and DOE (senior management, rather than the SSL program team) issued a statement to say they would resolve their differences over Energy Star "within 45 calendar days" (see News. Perhaps I have a different calendar, but, it looks to me like we're already at 60 days and counting.

Integral LED lamp criteria for Energy Star

The DOE has just released the revised draft of the Energy Star criteria for Integral LED Lamps. This type of lamp, commonly referred to as a “retrofit” or “replacement” lamp, is defined as comprising LEDs, an integrated LED driver, and an ANSI-standardized base designed to connect to the branch circuit via an ANSI-standardized lamp holder/socket.

Download the cover letter.

Download the second-round draft criteria.

DOE published the first draft of these criteria in January 2009 (see News), and received 26 comment letters during the review and comment period. Comments on this second draft will be accepted through June 26, 2009. DOE anticipates publication of final criteria for integral LED lamps in August 2009.

R&D Workshop report posted

The DOE has published the summary report from the 2009 DOE Solid-State Lighting (SSL) R&D Workshop, held February 3-5 in San Francisco, California. A PDF copy of the report may be downloaded from the DOE SSL website at: www.ssl.energy.gov/sf09_materials.html.

More than 400 participants joined DOE to share perspectives on “Transformations in Lighting,” including representatives from the lighting industry, research organizations, universities, national laboratories, efficiency programs, utilities, and the lighting design community. This sixth annual R&D Workshop provided a forum for building partnerships and sharing strategies for continuing advances in high-efficiency, high-performance SSL technologies.

Solid-State Lighting Manufacturing Workshop

  • June 24-25, 2009: Vancouver, Washington
DOE will host its second Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Manufacturing Workshop, to build on the work begun at the inaugural workshop in April 21-22, 2009 in Fairfax, Virginia. Nearly 200 attendees helped to identify critical issues and roadblocks on the path to lower cost, higher quality SSL products. Participants identified key barriers affecting SSL manufacturing and framed preliminary recommendations to address these barriers.

The workshop presentations and materials from the April event have been posted on the DOE SSL website at www.ssl.energy.gov/past_conferences.html.

A key output of the April workshop is a draft SSL Manufacturing Roadmap, intended to guide future SSL manufacturing development. In Vancouver, attendees will be asked to provide feedback on the draft roadmap, which will lead to a published version that represents industry consensus on the expected evolution of SSL manufacturing, best practices, and opportunities for collaboration.

Registration for the June event is now open.

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