Phoseon Technology delivers new TargetCure LED-based UV curing system

Hillsboro, Oregon – Phoseon Technology today announced its new TargetCure Technology for LED-based UV curing that delivers the specific target irradiance ensuring each job is consistent and reliable. This precise curing ability remains stable across ambient operating temperatures and continually monitors the lamp’s efficiency to adjust the output over the lamp’s lifetime.

TargetCure Technology uses proprietary and patented Phoseon innovations to provide users precise and predictable UV output. This reliable UV output and less monitoring of defects lead to higher yields and profitability. Currently, TargetCure Technology will be available for select models of Phoseon’s air-cooled LED light sources.

“Phoseon developed TargetCure Technology to provide customers precise, consistent, and stable curing,” commented Joe Becker, Product Marketing Manager. “This is the first of several new technologies Phoseon is bringing to the market in 2016 to improve customer’s capabilities.”
About Phoseon Technology
In 2002, Phoseon Technology pioneered the use of LED technology for UV curing applications. As the world leader in UV LED curing, Phoseon provides patented LED technology to deliver rugged, high-performance products for application specific solutions. The Company is focused 100% on LED technology and provides worldwide sales and support capabilities.


Stacy Hoge, Marketing Communications Manager - Phoseon Technology
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