Speakers announced for LED seminar

A preliminary list of speakers is announced for the two-day LEDs seminar to be held on April 20-21, 2005 in Birmingham, UK.

"LEDs - Lighting the Way Forward" will be held on Wednesday April 20th and Thursday April 21st at the Photonics Application Centre in Birmingham, UK.

The event covers the applications of high-brightness light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and the technology of building LED-based systems. For further information on the event, please contact the Photonics Cluster (UK) team on +44 (0)121 260 6020.

A further 4-6 speakers will be added to the agenda, which will be finalized shortly.

Speaker list as of March 9, 2005 (all speakers and titles are subject to change):

Antoine de Ryckel - Barco
LEDs in Large Displays

Chris Pekar - TIR Systems
Architectural Lighting

Wim Braber - Future Lighting Solutions
The Complete Guide to LEDs

Ray Letasi - Color Kinetics
Lighting: Applications and Challenges of Controlling White

Bob Steele - Strategies Unlimited
High-Brightness LED Market Review and Forecast

Stewart Langdown - TridonicAtco
General Applications of LEDs

Vladimír Kuběna - Visteon Corp.
Automotive: Forward LED Lighting

Christoph Cox - Vossloh-Schwabe
Issues of Chip on Board Technology

Gareth Jones - Enfis Ltd
Alternative High-Power LED technology

Colin Burton - Westinghouse
Challenges in Designing LED Clusters

Ahmed Masood - Supertex Inc
50 Ways to Drive LEDs

James Stratford - Universal Science
Thermal Management Issues in LED lighting

Andrew Dennington - Carclo Technical Plastics
Luminaire Optical Design

Andrew Phillips - Forge Europa
Practical Measurement of LEDs and Fixtures

Jim Anderson - Lamina Ceramics

Tim Holt - Institute of Photonics
Applications of Novel Micro LED Technology

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