Lumileds introduces high-voltage and high-lumen-density LEDs

The Luxeon Z is a very small, unencapsulated LED package that can be used to build multi-chip arrays, while the Luxeon H50-2 is an improved version of Lumileds’ high-voltage package.

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Philips Lumileds has recently introduced several new ranges of LEDs, including the Luxeon Z, described as “the industry’s smallest high-power LED package,” and a new version of its high-voltage Luxeon H.

Luxeon Z

With a package size of 1.7 x 1.3 mm, or 2.2 mm2, the Luxeon Z has the “industry’s highest commercially-available lumen density,” claims Lumileds. The highest-rated bin for 4000K white (CRI=70) measured at 25°C and 500 mA has a typical flux and efficacy of 148 lm and 102 lm/W respectively. At 700 mA, the figures are 194 lm and 94 lm/W.

The Luxeon Z is available in white as well as in a range of colors from 440 to 670 nm, using either AlGaInP or InGaN chips. It is unencapsulated, allowing the use of custom optics.

Lumileds says that the small form-factor of Luxeon Z will allow it be used to create specialized mono-color or multi-color arrays for existing and new luminaires. Up to 250 Luxeon Z LEDs can be mounted in one square inch, says the company.

“Luxeon Z fundamentally takes the building-block approach and puts design flexibility back in the hands of engineers and specifiers,” says Rahul Bammi, VP product management at Lumileds.

High-voltage Luxeon H LEDs

Lumileds as also introduced a new version of its high-voltage Luxeon H, the H50-2, which is intended for space-constrained retrofit lamps such as the common A19, as well as candelabra and GU10 lamps. With a typical efficacy of more than 80 lm/W, the H50-2 improves on the existing 50V Luxeon H by 27%.

The high-voltage LED approach enables the use of simpler, more cost-efficient drivers, compared with conventional LEDs that are driven in the region of around 3V. “This new LED package works with simple, highly-efficient drivers, enabling lighting designers to create unique form factors at lower costs,” said Viji Krishnamurthy, product manager at Lumileds.

Luxeon K arrays and mid-power 3535 LEDs

Lumileds has also recently publicized its Luxeon K arrays, available with 4, 8, 12, 16 and 24 emitters. Outputs range from 400 to 4000 lm, with CCTs of 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

Finally, the Luxeon Mid-Power 3535 is designed for non-directional light sources, such as LED troffers and tube lights, which are used in commercial and residential applications.

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