Synopsys to showcase LightTools software for solid-state lighting design at Strategies in Light

Strategies in Light Booth #505 -- Synopsys’ LightTools® lighting design software offers an Advanced Design Module with robust capabilities for modeling freeform optics for a wide range of applications. The capabilities enable users to easily incorporate freeform surfaces in illumination designs to produce optical systems that have increased energy efficiency, superior light control and innovative design forms. In addition, LightTools delivers new features for highly accurate design and modeling of phosphor-based LED lighting systems.

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Advanced Design Module
The LightTools Advanced Design Module includes a set of specialized tools to enable fast, robust modeling of reflective and refractive freeform optics in both single-surface and segmented configurations for a diverse set of illumination applications. Freeform optical surfaces provide many advantages over conventional optics for meeting complex illumination requirements, such as precise light control, innovative styling, compact system dimensions and energy efficiency.

In addition, the Advanced Design Module leverages proprietary algorithms from Synopsys' LucidShape® products that automatically calculate and construct optical geometries based on user-defined illuminance and intensity patterns. This unique, functional approach gives designers the freedom to focus on overall design objectives rather than the implementation details of complex optical components.

Temperature and Power Density Effects for Phosphor-based LEDs
LightTools includes capabilities to assist designers in modeling spatial temperature and power density variations in phosphor-based LEDs. Phosphors are known to change output under various conditions, including wide temperature ranges and changes in power density. These factors are important to consider when modeling phosphor layers in applications such as high-power white LED packages.


Stuart David, Senior Sales Manager - Synopsys Optical Solutions Group
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