Universal Display wins SBIR grant for white OLED Lighting

A contract for $750,000 will help Universal Display Corp to develop energy-efficient white OLED light sources with improved luminance and a simplified design.

Universal Display Corporation has been awarded a $750,000 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) under the DOE’s solid-state lighting program.

Work under Phase II of the SBIR grant will focus on the demonstration of a simpler white OLED design that should reduce manufacturing costs, without compromising performance. This program is based on Universal Display’s proprietary PHOLED(tm) phosphorescent OLED technology and materials - keys to achieving the energy efficiency targets for white lighting.

The new white OLED design will use two PHOLED emitters that will be specially designed to emit broadly so that the color spectrum can be optimally covered. The device is targeted to have a high color rendering index (CRI), an important metric for lighting applications, as well as excellent power efficiency.

“Energy efficient or ‘green’ technologies are essential for achieving true energy conservation gains,” said Steven Abramson, president and COO of Universal Display. “Based on our proprietary PHOLED technology, white OLED lighting is at the forefront of potential solutions that the DOE believes may help stem the tide of energy consumption and save billions of dollars in energy costs.

"White OLEDs also offer superior lighting and design characteristics, based on their color tunability, emission uniformity and novel form factor. Our work on white OLED lighting technology leverages these characteristics to create new applications and market opportunities for our OLED technologies.”

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