PLDC event focuses on lighting design in architecture

The first Professional Lighting Design Convention (PLDC) will be held in London in October and will focus on lighting design in architectural spaces.

PLDC, to be held in London on October 24-27, 2007, will focus on lighting design in architectural spaces, and not only offers further education in the field of architectural lighting design, but will serve as a discussion forum for modern lighting design, lighting trends and communication between lighting designers, owners and architects.

The event is organized by Professional Lighting Design magazine in association with the Professional Lighting Designers’ Association ELDA+.

Many partner associations, universities and manufacturers have agreed to support the event, meaning that architectural lighting design will enjoy increased attention.

Equally significant is the fact that Lighting Urban Community International (LUCI) is an official Partner of PLDC. LUCI is an international network of cities and public clients worldwide who have defined lighting design in the public realm as an integral part of urban development.

"The participation of these many different associations shows that the lighting design profession has gained in significance in the architectural world. We have made a big step towards the recognition and acceptance of the profession", explained Alison Ritter, director general of the Professional Lighting Designers' Association, ELDA+. They are expecting around 1000 delegates from all over the world to attend.

The programme includes more than 50 papers, five interactive workshops, 20 electronic poster presentations and six invited keynote speakers. The content addresses lighting designers, architects, consulting engineers, scientists, students and clients.

The programme is built around four tracks:

  • Lighting application research
  • Lighting application case studies
  • Professional practice issues
  • Health and well-being.

The interaction of light, health and well-being will form a key focus. Research has already proven that light has an enormous impact on the health and well-being of humans, who are influenced by the atmosphere of their living and working spaces. The content of the Health and well-being track will be compiled by the International Light Association (ILA) an international association of health professionals for light and the effect it has on humans.

PLDC also offers a broad evening programme with various activities. During the week events about lighting will be taking place in London, all of which will address architectural lighting design as a profession.

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