Conference program unveiled for Strategies in Light Europe 2011

Enhancing the Quality and Performance of LED Lighting is the theme of this year’s Strategies in Light Europe 2011 conference, which takes place in Milan, Italy.

After a successful launch in September 2010, the Strategies in Light Europe conference and exhibition moves to Milan, Italy, where the event will take place on October 4-6, 2011.

The theme of this year’s event is “Enhancing the Quality and Performance of LED Lighting”, and the conference program will address key issues surrounding the evolution and transformation of the lighting market, and the ongoing development of higher-quality, higher-performance LED lighting.

Speakers at Strategies in Light Europe 2011 with focus on issues such as critical challenges & barriers to adoption; case studies and user feedback; regulatory issues & standards; government support & funding; technology updates & roadmaps; the manufacturing supply chain; quality & reliability; and the competitive landscape.

One noticeable enhancement to the 2011 conference program is the addition of a second, parallel track. Following the opening Keynote session (Tuesday 4th October, 15:30–17.00) and the Plenary session (Wednesday 5th October, 08:30–10.00), the conference splits into two tracks, one on “Market Transformation” and the other on “Technology”.

The Market Transformation Track will look at some of the Europe-wide initiatives relating to solid-state lighting (SSL), for example the development of an EU quality charter, as well as a project that aims to establish a European metrology infrastructure capable of measuring SSL effectively. Other sessions will discuss the ongoing work to develop standards, and market-development issues such as financing.

The Market Transformation Track will also discuss applications, focusing on the challenges and potential benefits of using SSL in different lighting environments. The last session will look specifically at outdoor lighting applications.

In parallel, the Technology Track will feature sessions on luminaire and system design; drivers and dimming; networks & control; retrofit lamps; optical materials and packaging; and finally optics.

The Advisory Board of Strategies in Light Europe is grateful to all those who submitted papers for consideration, but unfortunately not all these submissions could be accommodated. However, the conference program provides an excellent and comprehensive update on the current status of the LED lighting industry, and offers valuable insights into future directions and strategies for business success.

Strategies in Light Europe and LEDs Magazine look forward to seeing you in Milan in October.

Please direct any questions or comments about the conference program to Tim Whitaker, Conference Director, Strategies in Light Europe and Editor-in-Chief, LEDs Magazine.

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