ScreenHub offers free cloud-based control for content management on LED displays

Manages One or Multiple Screens From the Web: Any Aspect Ratio, Any Control System, Any Device or Operating System.

San Francisco - ScreenHub, a new Silicon Valley venture funded and lead by seasoned LED industry and software professionals announced today the launch of its groundbreaking software. Screenhub is the only free, software-as-a-service (Saas) content management system for digital screens and LED displays that can be customized to any aspect ratio or pixel matrix. In addition to being compatible with any synchronous digital display, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor LED displays, it can also be implemented on plasma screens and LCD panels. The software is cloud-based and can be accessed from any internet enabled device via the web app. It is built for managing entire networks and subnetworks of LED displays seamlessly via one turnkey and simple interface.

Upon launching, the company has secured deals with a large billboard operator in the UK, and LED manufacturers in the US and Asia. Screenhub is expected to launch with hundreds of screens in its network and is in negotiations to strike several deals with key players in the industry within the next few months.

Screenhub’s offer is unique because it is the only free content management software that is able to work with any size or aspect ration of digital display, particularly custom sized arrays typical in outdoor or high brightness screens. ScreenHub’s noteworthy competitive advantages are:

Simple, yet powerful, the software is an elegant answer to screen content management in an industry riddled with poorly designed solutions.
  • Functions with any synchronous control system such as Nova Star, DB Star, Linsn, Zdec and many others.
  • Can handle any aspect ratio or pixel matrix; making it ideal for LED signs, LED billboards and other atypical screen resolutions.
  • Allows the user to control one or several screens from one centralized account, while giving them the flexibility and ease of grouping screens or managing them individually.
  • The web-based software can be accessed from any device and operating system; compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux computers as well as smartphones and tablets.

To learn more about the ScreenHub or download their software visit the company's website.

About ScreenHub
ScreenHub is a new, privately funded start-up based in the Silicon Valley. It was created when its founders noticed a strong need for a free, robust, and pixel-matrix agnostic content management software for the digital screen industry. Its small team has over 30 years of combined experience in the fields of Digital Signage, Software Development, Electrical Engineering and Digital Marketing. For the latest information visit and connect on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.


Maria, Marketing - ScreenHub
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