SemiLEDs and NeoPac demonstrate 60 lm/W light engine

Two companies have collaborated to demonstrate an LED light engine with an output of more than 240 lumens.

SemiLEDs Corporation and NeoPac Lighting have collaborated to demonstrate high-lumen, high-efficacy LED light engines using SemiLEDs' chips in a NeoPac fixture.

Four SemiLEDs’ MvpLED (SL-V-B40AA) chips, packaged in NeoPac’s point-light-source NeoBulb Light Engine and operating at 4W, produced more than 240 lumens. The luminous efficacy is over 60 lumens per watt. The companies claim this demo is nearly 50% brighter than the currently commercially available products in the market.

"By manufacturing and selling LEDs capable of producing over 60 lm/W in multiple-chip packages, we believe SemiLEDs is setting a new benchmark in the industry," said Trung Doan, CEO of SemiLEDs Corporation.

US-based SemiLEDs has successfully developed and commercialized metal-base-vertical-structure LEDs (see SemiLEDs introduces MvpLEDs with metal alloy substrate).

The companies have also demonstrated larger light engines. “By using eight chips NeoPac package platform, a NeoBulb Light Engine operating at 8W can produce more than 460 lumens or a luminous efficacy of over 58 lumens per watt,” said Jeffrey Chen, President and CEO of NeoPac Lighting, adding that the LEDs' junction temperatures are limited to only 60 °C.

Trung Doan claims that SemiLEDs’ MvpLED technology has "crossed the price-to-performance barrier necessary to enable adoption of LEDs into the illumination market."

Doan says that SemiLEDs can supply MvpLED (SL-V-B40AA) chips in production today for 60 lumens per $1.00.

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