Philips announces linear LED light engine for outdoor and industrial applications

Combining an LED circuit board and an optical package, the FastFlex LED module enables rapid development of luminaires for high-output SSL products targeted at industrial or outdoor usage.

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Philips Lighting has announced the Gen2 FastFlex LED light engine that includes a 216×49.5 circuit board with 16 LEDs mounted in a 2×8 pattern along with a selection of lenses that can deliver different beam patterns. The modular product, combined with a Philips Xitanium LED Xtreme drive, can enable product developers to quickly deliver solid-state lighting (SSL) products for outdoor and industrial applications.

The flexible optics offering allows a manufacturer to stock a single light engine while having the ability to quickly deliver products for a variety of needs from flood to area lighting outdoors and for high-bay applications. Off the shelf, Philips offers optics for Type 2, 3, 4, and 5 patterns.

Philips specifies the light engine for efficacy of 145 lm/W at 350 mA of drive current. But product developers have the ability to trade off lumen output and efficacy. For example, the 80-CRI module can deliver 4763 lm at 1A and the 70-CRI module can deliver 5038 lm at 1A. At the elevated drive current the efficacy is 104 lm/W and 111 lm/W, respectively.

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At 530 mA, Philips rates the module for 50,000 hours or more of life. That rating covers both lumen maintenance to L80 and also the general survival of 90% of the products sold. Warranty is five years when used with an approved driver.

Philips also stresses the optical efficiency of the module, pointing out that reflector-based high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires can have efficiency around 70%. The company says that the FastFlex module with lens has 96% optical efficiency. Moreover, the lenses produce uniform light that is directed to the intended surface area.

The modules use Philips Lumileds Luxeon T LEDs with a CCT of 4000K. Philips said that the modules are a good match for roadway lighting, urban-area streetlighting, tunnel lighting, and general area and floodlighting outdoors. Indoors the target is industrial high-bay applications.

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