Seoul Semiconductor offers AC-LED technology in LED and IC form

The Acrich2 combination of AC-LED driver IC and mid-power LEDs that have been sold on modules are now to be offered to companies that want to build their own unique light engines.

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Seoul Semiconductor has announced what it calls "LED modules in kit form" to customers that want to build their own unique AC-LED light engines based on Seoul's Acrich2 technology. Essentially, the company is selling its AC-LED driver IC and multi-emitter mid-power LEDs as components, but only for use together in a light engine, module, or luminaire.

Seoul had first announced the multi-emitter, mid-power LEDs that it describes as Multi Junction Technology (MJT) back in the Spring along with the small driver IC, but until now has only sold the technology mounted on circuit boards as a ready-to-use light engine. Subsequently, the company announced that the Acrich2 modules had hit efficacy levels of 140 lm/W, claiming equivalence with DC-driven light engines.

Seoul1 100813
Seoul MJT 5630

Ironically, we had asked the company previously if it would sell the AC-LED driver IC as a standalone product and the answer was a resounding no. But now you can buy the IC in a bundle with the LEDs you need for a project.

"For broadening our targets and serving the broader global lighting market, Seoul Semiconductor is now promoting our products through Acrich kit sales at new price points," said Marten Willemsen, vice president of marketing. "We have seen a surge of interest in Acrich recently due to its performance improvement. The new sales strategy to offer Acrich kits is in direct response to the requests from customers."

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Seoul Acrich IC

Of course, solid-state lighting (SSL) product developers that pursue working with Seoul's technology at the components level will have to be prepared to design a circuit board for surface mount components. Moreover, the developer would need surface-mount assembly capability or to find a contract manufacturer capable of such work.

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