Blueview LED's high-density SMD LED tape is available with tunable white illumination

The new family features tiny LED packages and high density LED tape, which is a perfect match for linear lighting fixture.
(Rancho Cucamonga, CA) - Blueview LED is proud to release the new family of 2016 LED tape light. With the traditional LED tape light, a lot of luminaire manufacturers have encountered the unpleasant hot spot or dark area with shallow aluminum profile. That's the reason why we designed this new series of 2016 SMD LED tape light! They are engineered to get you out of this problem. Your elegant fixture deserves better linear lighting source!

The maximum density tape can be cut to any length in increments of 1” and is offered with 266 LEDs per meter with a pitch of 0.148” — which guarantees more lumens per inch and better photometric distribution without glare or hot spots.

They are available in two versions: single white color in 2700K/3000K/4200K/5000K/6500K/6800K; or tunable white color, which allows the consumer to choose any color temperature between a warm 2700K and a brighter, bluer 6800K. The average CRI for this family is >90, with a high R9 and R13 value.

All of Blueview tapes’ FPC are made in 99.8% brass Rolled Copper, with a rugged polyimide substrate. We also collaborate with 3M authorized distributor to get the authentic industrial-grade 3M adhesive tape. These superior high quality materials ensure the long life span of our tape light.

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