Iota Engineering awarded a patent for constant-power emergency LED drivers

Iota is proud to announce that the ILB-CP Constant Power Emergency LED Driver Series has received a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark office. The unique Constant Power design of the ILB-CP Series provides predictable performance for today's LED array and drivers and is the technology that has paved the way for field install emergency solutions for these applications.

The patented design provides a consistent level of illumination from the lighting fixture while in the emergency mode by providing the LED array with constant wattage, as opposed to varying wattage output provided by constant current emergency LED driver technology. Additionally, the ILB-CP Series uses a self-sensing auto-adjusting output that allows the emergency driver to deliver the appropriate Class 2 (10-60VDC) voltage to the array, compensating for fluctuations cause by temperature, age, or LED component variances. The specifiable output of the Iota ILB-CP Series, combined with the confident Class 2 output range, were defining characteristics that enabled the Iota ILB-CP Series to be the first, and currently only, emergency LED driver to be UL Classified for both factory and field installation for any Class 2 LED Driver.

Further details on the Iota ILB-CP patent can be found at or by contacting Iota at 1-800-866-4682.


Jeff Price, Director of Sales and Product Innovation - Iota Engineering
+1 (520) 609-1181
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