B Plus L Technologies' LED drivers provide dimming control for DC constant-voltage LED sources and AC MR16 LEDs

B Plus L Technologies is proud to launch an exciting line of dimmable LED drivers. The X-Series LED drivers are designed to provide smooth dimming control using line dimmers for DC constant-voltage type LED light sources and AC MR16 LEDs.

Available in 12VDC, 12VAC, 24VDC, and 24VAC outputs and 60W maximum load, these products will meet most application requirements. In addition, they have no minimum load requirements and thus are excellent solutions for retrofitting from halogen to MR16 LEDs, or for brand new MR16 LED installations. The X-Series LED drivers will providing smooth full range dimming without flicker using the recommended dimmers. They are tested to work with architectural lighting controls like Grafik Eye and Radio Ra.

The new LED drivers are fully potted and are tested for dry and damp locations and will be ideal for general, accent, LED signage, and outdoor solid-state lighting applications.

These drivers are compact in size and UL recognized to FKSZ2/8 and QQIJ2/8.

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