SEAK introduces SCC LED driver that is reprogrammable through powerlines

The SCC LED driver is a robust power supply for indoor and outdoor LED luminaires. Quality components encapsuled inside an aluminium casing with IP67 protection ensure reliability and errorless operation. Because of fairly compact sizes the SCC drivers can fit into most luminaires without difficulty.

Every SCC LED driver contains a Dim Bar module which receives control signals through powerlines. These signals are resistant to interferences which may occur in the powerlines and do not interfere with the power distribution. This means that there is no need for expensive frequency filters.

The SCC LED driver has 2 basic control modes:
- Real-time control, where the SCC driver's communication module receives remote instructions to control the luminaire output.
- Autonomous control with the ability to memorize a dimming sequence with the geo-adaptability function, which can be reprogrammed via powerlines at anytime.

In real-time control the SCC driver can be controlled by:
- Broadcast signal which will control all SCC swith the current command
- Group signal which will control all SCCs inside the given group
- ID signal which will control an individual SCC with the given ID

All of this makes the SCC LED driver the most affordable "all in one" solution for LED lighting controls with available types from 30W to 250W.

Functions such as feedback through the powerlines, programmable constant light output and LED overheat protection and reporting through powerlines are in development, estimated availability beginning 2016.

SCC LED driver technical details:

Programming interface: Powerline SEAK QM-50
Saving sequence: Up to 10 power levels per sequence
Dimming output range: 0-100%
Efficiency: 90% (at 230V, 100% load)
Power factor: 0.96 (at 230V, 100% load)
Ingress protection: IP67
Operating temperature: -40°C - +70°C
Max. case temperature: +80°C
Lifespan: 90K hours at Tc 55°C with survival rate 85%


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